Nov 14

Culture Development Equals Business Success (Series 1 of 8)


Workplace culture may be difficult to see and describe but it is the foundation that a company is built upon – and can make or break a business. Why do so many leaders struggle to implement a plan for a positive culture and environment?

The Problem and Solution Begins with You

Workplace culture is only as elusive as YOU decide it to be. Many leaders put it on the back burner while trying to meet other more tangible goals. Here is the kicker: culture and business goals must align in order for both to thrive.

Perhaps as a quick-fix, leaders buy a ping pong table or pinball machine for the break room only to find they still have the same old problems. Change is needed. Change is hard.

According to Melanie Booher, Senior Leadership Consultant at RCSN Leadership Services, “Your ping pong table is an albatross if every time an employee uses it, you roll your eyes… employers must realize actions speak louder than words. Truly show that you value them.”

Taking cues from Google isn’t going to cut it. Your team wants to feel encouraged, uplifted, supported and heard. They want their work to be meaningful. When we define the culture and leaders (and employees) live it, then we start to see the type of behavioral change that spurs a morale boost and productivity soars – which in turn impacts business results. Boom. That’s the change we want to see!

“You can’t just put pretty words on your conference room wall and think that means you’re living your values – your team is watching how you behave. Live those values, make them part of your everyday language.” – Melanie Booher

Creating a real plan that fosters a positive culture is not difficult. Do you have a written and intentional plan? Most leaders don’t. Being intentional with your company culture will retain talent and impact your bottom line in more ways than one. Be sure to make this part of your 2021 planning in order to see business success.

Series 1 of 8