Oct 10

2021 Culture Challenges: Working from Home & Purposeful Inclusion (Series 2 of 8)


2020 Culture Challenges: Working from Home & Purposeful Inclusion

What about the pandemic? How does a leader help evolve a culture when everyone is working from home? Empathy. Ask your employees how they’re doing and demonstrate genuine interest in their well-being.

For example, be flexible but keep people accountable via digital or phone communication.

According to Dr. Tracey Danner-Odenwelder, Senior Leadership Consultant at RCSN Leadership Services, “Leaders need to pay attention to your organizational culture, if you’re not intentional about the culture it’s going to rear its ugly head somewhere – if you don’t do the things to be intentional to create the culture you want it will cause harm in some way or another down the road.”

Another topic impacting workplace cultures: purposeful inclusion. Diversity and inclusion have become critical focal points in 2020 and will continue to be crucial for companies to ensure team members feel included.

This includes race, gender, age, abilities, and all areas of diversity; it’s about purposefully making sure your employees feel valued. For starters, facilitate more casual opportunities to get to know people. Be purposeful in creating opportunities for your team to build trust among them and engage with fellow team members. Finally, with our changing society and more of our team members working from home, we need to be mindful of how those changes have affected team building and engagement which impacts the culture of your organization.

Series 2 of 8