Oct 11

Why Diversity Matters (Series 2 of 8)


Why Diversity Matters

Most importantly, if your company shuttering isn’t concerning enough, consider Gayle Brock’s definition of diversity, “Diversity is the presence of differences that makes each person unique and that can be used to differentiate groups of people from one another.  Diversity is an asset – to a business, to a culture, and a company.

What’s the Bottom Line?

According to Gayle, one of the greatest benefits of embracing and enacting a plan for diversity is how it broadens your business.

You’ll be reaching out to people in other businesses that you wouldn’t have before.  That will help educate yourself on the benefits of diversity in your

Your company will also be more attractive to others who already tout their diversity and inclusion plan.

Increases your business, increases customer base, increases clients, and increases the talent pool.

Diversity increases the visibility in a community.

It will strengthen businesses, non-profit or for-profit.  People look to serve on boards that are forward-moving.  As a result, this will attract leaders who
really can write the checks, have connections, and open doors.

“Diversity literally benefits the bottom line, short term and long term.” -Gayle Brock

Inc conclusion, open your eyes either to the value of ROI or the larger social and moral implications.  Now, how can you enact some positive changes in your company?

Series 2 of 8