Nov 14

Diversity is a Win for All (Series 1 of 8)


We all have a preconceived notion of what diversity is. However, but the majority of businesses are not clear what it intrinsically means.  Therefore, are they developing a plan for it. So what is it?

Diversity is something beyond race or color. It has to do with job levels, work background, age, generation, and all of the differences that represent the variety in backgrounds and styles, and perspectives.

Gayle Brock, M. ED., LMT, Senior Leadership Consultant for RCSN, describes diversity in a business context as the similarities and differences between us.  This is what makes businesses unique, what makes the overall big picture a beautiful mosaic.

“Diversity is the mosaic of people who bring a variety of background, styles, perspectives, beliefs, and competencies as assets in organizations, groups, and individuals with whom they interact.” – May Howell

Without these differences, your business would be lacking the necessary skills, knowledge, and network it needs to thrive in the modern world.

In Front of the Word Inclusion Is Diversity

We keep hearing the word “inclusion”.  However, it’s important to recognize that when discussing diversity and inclusion, the former must occur for the latter to exist.

If you’re not opening your business’s doors to different types of people of all backgrounds, you’re going to be closing those doors soon.

Series 1 of 8