Jul 16

Transformation – The Inconvenience

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People want the convenience of transformation, without the ‘inconvenience’.

Transformation - Metamorphisis stages of a Monarch ButterflyWhat we do is, we ‘check out’ because it seems overwhelming. We ‘check out’ because we get afraid, because we start listening to the talk of our own ‘self-doubt’. And we make these teeny tiny decisions … all day long.

We don’t even realize it. A decision to not get up on time, a decision to not eat the right things. A decision to snap at the kids, to not speak at a meeting, a decision not to go after that dream job.

What-ever it is, all day long, we make these tiny decisions that take us so far off track. Then you wake up and you look at your life and think … ‘How the hell did I get here?’ Mounds of tiny daily decisions add up, resulting in the picture of your current situation. My goal for you is to get on a positive track.

You HAVE to look at the bigger picture, believe in yourself, and have faith in yourself. Faith is not just understanding everything will be okay. Faith is understanding that if things didn’t go your way at that moment, it will STILL be okay.

Feel the fear … and do IT any way (what-ever your IT may be). If you don’t push yourself and feel the boundaries of your current skill level and you don’t fall … you don’t get any better. It doesn’t matter what other people are doing. What-ever goal you set your sites on, you CAN accomplish, over time. If you decide to be more consistent and exercise your discipline, you WILL win every race that you run.

Get On Track:

  1. Recognize those daily teeny tiny decisions. Realize that each little decision you make is like a breeze that is directing your sailboat towards –or- away from your desires, your end goal.
  2. Edit your self-talk. Your voice is your currency. What are you saying to yourself? Eliminate negative down-talk. Here’s a start … “You is Kind – You is Smart – You is Important”… Believe it!
  3. Push yourself – Be uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid of failure. Celebrate what you’ve learned. Then GET UP! Correct. Take another step. (Repeat!)

1 – 2 – 3 GO!

– You have been launched to take an active role in your own transformation. Unleash the power that IS within you. Get started and do not stop advancing forward to that positively transformed YOU.

Learn more about transformation: Contact, Gayle Brock, Senior Leadership Consultant, 513-325-2361, [email protected]