Jul 3

Culture Building Advice for Leaders in 2021 (Series 5 of 8)


Are you a business leader looking for a way to get your team culture out of the challenges and shambles of 2020?

The C-suite is probably beginning to feel like the hot seat for those who have had to lay off employees and pivot operations amidst the pandemic.

How do you get your leadership mojo back when you can’t interact with your team in-person?

5 Actionable Tips for Business Leaders in 2021

Between digital transformations on warp speed, mandatory quarantines and stay-home ordinances, and a worldwide racial equality movement, your team may be feeling a bit isolated, among other things.

Here are five actionable tips from Melanie Booher, Senior Leadership Consultant at RCSN Leaders, that you can take towards improving your leadership in 2021.

Tip #1: Lead with Respect

“Leaders – are you treating your people the way you would want your spouse or child to be treated? Is that the legacy you want to be known for?’” – Melanie Booher

When companies lead with respect as a foundation, they have a great starting point for a strong workplace culture. Often this results in increased performance/productivity… which eventually drives revenue.

Good news, respect – is free! Many business leaders could do a better job in this area. Our employees spend enormous amounts of time away from their loved ones, trying to balance life and putting their children in daycare – so it’s important that employers make their time worthwhile. “That was my AHA moment…I wanted every mom and dad to feel their time away from their family was valued and well spent.” – Melanie Booher

When we lead with respect –we build a solid foundation. Then other positives fall into place (morale, engagement, performance, etc.) creating a growing snowball effect. Thus, we can do more than just survive the chaos of 2020 – we will see our organizations thrive.

Series 5 of 8