Recruiting Research Reports

Typical job searches take time and require professionals with the experience and know-how to find the right candidates for mid to senior level leadership positions. Smaller organizations often times don’t have the budget or skills required for a professional search, and retained searches are expensive demanding a fee that is 25% to 30% of the first year’s compensation.

We Deliver:

  • A report that identifies potential candidates with skills and experience that match your needs.
  • Affordable services for organizations of all sizes.
  • Expertise when hiring for newly created positions or seeking a more diverse pool of candidates.
  • Carefully selected potential candidates, not just names thrown at you “to see who sticks.”
  • Discrete opportunities to connect with candidates of interest.
  • Confidential research so you can avoid damaging relationships with partner companies or competitors.

Our Process:

  • Review role and update position description
  • Build a research plan and identify candidates
  • Create a research report with names and contact info
  • Deliver a “contact ready report” to client

What is your investment?

candidate research investment benefitsRetained search firms typically charge 25% to 30% of the first year’s compensation for a search. For larger organizations and C-suite candidates, these costs may be justified due to the complexity of the search. Smaller organizations and mid-level searches have just as great a need for professional quality searches, but may not have the budget for a retained search.

RCSN offers its Recruiting Research Reports starting at $4,000. Searching additional databases increases the investment, but also provides a broader range of candidates. Your RCSN Search Consultant will work with you to determine the optimal research criteria to yield the results you want.

What’s Next?

To get started, contact Paul Wehner, Senior Partner, RCSN Leadership Services, [email protected] or call 513-325-8701.