Leadership Consulting-Boundary Spanning Platform

Would you agree every organization has boundaries?

Boundaries across rank and authority, expertise and function, partners and vendors, work groups and teams within divisions or operating companies or customers and communities. Further would you agree on top of these boundaries are often layered numerous demographic and geographic differences?

Would you also agree boundaries can interfere with an organization’s performance?

Our global research over ten (10) years tell us boundaries can weaken an organization’s ability to achieve its strategies and tactics or goals and objectives. The key to success lies with the leaders of organizations recognizing and understanding the boundaries within their organizations that are interfering with performance, and “spanning” these divides so the right results are achieved.

Our approach to Leadership Consulting begins by asking you and your leaders to talk about the boundaries within your organization that are hindering organizational effectiveness. Donna Chrobot-Mason, Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati and Senior Partner, RCSN, who along with co-author Chris Ernst conducted the research within global organizations published the results in their booBoundary Spanning Leadership. It explains the proprietary Boundary Spanning Leadership principles of bridging divides and thinking beyond traditional channels to help organizations achieve the right results.

If you agree organizations have many different types of boundaries, and you believe boundaries are interfering with your organization’s performance, then we would like to meet with you and your key leaders to get right to the heart of your organization’s boundary spanning challenges. We will help you define the boundaries that are interfering with performance and determine the actions that need to be taken to bridge them. Given the right “Boundary Spanning Plan” your organization will become more agile in responding to changing markets, better able to execute strategies and tactics, and deliver the right results.

The Boundary Spanning Leadership Process