Onboarding and Executive Coaching

Are your leaders effective from day one? Do they quickly deliver the results you expect? Does their performance continue to improve over time? RCSN’s Executive Coaching and Mentoring includes onboarding planning as well as coaching that can make your people better at what they do—from day one to year five.


Often leaders at different levels are given an orientation to the company, introduced to the people with whom they will have direct working relationships, and given tools to perform their job. And, not surprisingly, they fail to meet expectations. Given the investment your organization makes in your leaders, you have the opportunity to make a leader’s transition much more successful. RCSN’s tailored onboarding programs can help your leaders deliver better results in a shorter span of time.

What’s the difference between an orientation and onboarding? It’s better performance from the first day in the role. Onboarding is designed to:

  • Acclimate an employee to the culture in the organization
  • Provide more thorough knowledge of other functions in the organization
  • Establish clear expectations and accountability that can be managed over time

This process dramatically increases the likelihood of success, while shortening the learning curve and freeing up the leader’s time in the long run.

Executive Coaching

Impactful executive coaching and mentoring involves three steps: assessment, challenge, and support. We first assess your strengths and developmental opportunities using a 360 assessment tool. Second, we partner with you to develop an individualized action plan designed to stretch your capacity and enhance your skill set. Finally, we offer feedback and support along the way to ensure you meet your goals.