Executive Search

Our Executive Search methodology creates a laser-sharp focus on exactly the right candidates to meet your leadership needs. This means before you agree to move forward with RCSN, you will receive—at no cost—a detailed Candidate Research Report that defines which prospects we will engage to meet your objectives.

We know your leadership needs are urgent. So we make the process simple and efficient. We deliver our Candidate Research Report within one week, and we guarantee a 20 to 25-day turnaround to provide candidates who meet your specific requirements. Throughout the recruiting process, you will receive a weekly report about the progress toward finding your next leader, who could be working in your organization in as little as 8 weeks.

We take every measure to ensure you see only the “best and the brightest” for your leadership position. Because even the most qualified candidates may look great on paper or shine in an interview, we don’t stop there. We use industry-proven assessment tools to fully assess the candidates for your leadership role.

Interested in exactly how the process works? Check out more details here.