RCSN Executive Search Business Model

RCSN executive search timeline to present candidates = 25 business days

Client timeline to extend an offer of employment= 20 business days

  • Executive Search Success


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  • Executive Search Attract A Leader

    Attract a Leader

    1. Prepare position description
    2. Prepare client marketing plan
    3. Develop candidate leader research report
    4. Select candidates to be contacted

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  • Executive Search Recruit A Leader

    Recruit a Leader

    1. Contact potential candidates
    2. Determine who is interested
    3. Obtain resumes and additional background information
    4. Conduct interviews with each candidate
    5. Utilize assessments as selection tools

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  • Executive Search Select A Leader

    Select a Leader

    1. Present candidates to client
    2. Schedule initial interviews
    3. Schedule final interviews
    4. Select the most qualified candidate
    5. Extend an offer of employment

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  • Executive Search Improve Business Performance

    Improve Business Performance