The Executive Search Process

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Step 1: Analyze Your Need

The process begins with a careful analysis and in-depth conversation about your need. We’ll discuss questions like:

  • How would you describe the leader you’re seeking?
  • In what industry or industries should they be working?
  • What background and experience should they possess?
  • What kind of organization will they lead?

Your answers help us fully understand your needs, so we can build a detailed search plan to find the leaders who will meet them.

Step 2: Devise Your Strategy

We’ll use the information you provide to define the strategy and specific tactics we’ll employ to find the best leader for your organization. We’ll target:

  • Competitors within your industry
  • Companies within different regions of the country
  • Organizations within your immediate market
  • Resources within our professional network

Step 3: Market Your Opportunity

With strategy and tactics in place, we then define the marketing plan that will reach the ideal professionals for your position. To do this, we’ll want to learn:

  • Is your organization a leader within its industry?
  • Is your company one potential candidates will readily recognize?
  • How can we most effectively create awareness of your organization and attract the best leaders

Armed with this information, we’ll be able to explain your position and market the opportunity to targeted candidates.

Step 4: Report on Progress

Every Monday morning, we deliver a comprehensive Search Summary Report that includes:

  • Names, titles, and employers of each person we were able to speak to
  • Level of interest in your position
  • Our initial evaluation of the interested candidates

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Step 5: Assess Your Potential Candidates

Once we’ve narrowed the selection to qualified, interested candidates, we help predict their success within your organization. We will:

  • Conduct comprehensive detailed 1:1 interviews
  • Evaluate each candidate’s competencies and skills
  • Use competency-based and critical thinking assessment tools to select the right people for you to consider

Step 6: Present Your Qualified Candidates

Once we’ve fully evaluated your candidates, we’ll present only those who are the most qualified for your consideration. We’ll provide:

  • Complete and comprehensive resumes
  • Candidate responses to key background questions
  • Competency-based and critical thinking assessment results

Step 7: Interview Your Best Candidates

So now we’ve worked hard to identify, assess, and present your highly qualified candidates. We continue to work with you to:

  • Plan interviews with the most qualified candidates
  • Schedule reference checks

Step 8: Employ Your Leader

At this point, it’s time to select the leader who best meets your organization’s needs. We’ll help you define the appropriate compensation that will attract the leader you’re seeking, extend the offer of employment, and work to obtain his or her acceptance.

Step 9: Ensure Your Success

We don’t walk away when your leader starts in the role. We’re also available to help devise a comprehensive on-boarding strategy and development plan to be effective from their first day on the job. We can also help you understand whether there are Boundary Spanning Leadership challenges that should be addressed as you new leader joins your organization to help ensure success for the long term. And finally, we can work with individuals leaders once they’ve settled in a bit to measure their current strengths and developmental needs through a comprehensive 360 assessment and create a developmental action plan to enhance their leadership effectiveness.