Jul 21

Indecision is the THIEF of opportunity

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Indecision means, the door is still closed.  It means, the opportunity waits.  Indecision means, what could be is postponed -OR- may never be.

Is there a ‘thief’ in your life?  For example, what opportunity is at arms-length, but yet not obtained as a result of indecision?


Ask yourself:

  • What have I been waffling about where my indecision has caused me to miss an opportunity?
  • Exactly, what is my fear regarding that issue? (We can’t fix what we don’t acknowledge.)
  • Finally, how will my life/business look different once I make the decision and moved towards my goal? (Picture what you want your life/business to look like)

 Now Act:

  • Turn your SHOULDS into MUSTS. First, instead of saying “I SHOULD increase my activities to get healthier”, decide that  “I MUST increase my activities to get healthier”.
  • Make a list. Next, write on paper all the SHOULDS that you recognize you need to address.  (i.e. the things you have been wishy-washy about that have been holding you back from an opportunity or success.)
  • ‘Rebuke’ your Fear. Shout out loud that you WILL NOT be held back any longer from that fear – whether lack of confidence, what others may think, scared to fail, what-ever!  (the greatest advancements/innovations have come from failure.)
  • Make a Plan – Work your Plan. Lastly, you can’t do everything at once. Take one step at a time.  From your list…
    • prioritize and highlight the top 3 (most important) of your new MUST list
    • make a DECISION to DO what you know you MUST do … (no more ‘I Should’)
    • underneath each of your top 3, write down what steps need to take place to realize that new goal (what do you need, who can help, etc.)
    • set a realistic time-line that you will accomplish each point  (2 weeks, 6 months, etc.)

1 – 2 – 3 GO!

  • You have been launched to take an active role in your own success. Recover that illusive opportunity.  Start now and do not stop marching forward to your MUSTS.

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