Apr 19

Culture Building Advice for Leaders in 2021 (Series 5 of 8)


5 Actionable Tips for Business Leaders in 2021

Between digital transformations on warp speed, mandatory quarantines and stay-home ordinances, and a worldwide racial equality movement, your team may be feeling a bit isolated, among other things.

Here are five actionable tips from Melanie Booher, Senior Leadership Consultant at RCSN Leaders, that you can take towards improving your leadership in 2021.

Tip #1: Lead with Respect

“Leaders – are you treating your people the way you would want your spouse or child to be treated? Is that the legacy you want to be known for?’” – Melanie Booher

When companies lead with respect as a foundation, they have a great starting point for a strong workplace culture. Often this results in increased performance/productivity… which eventually drives revenue.

Good news, respect – is free! Many business leaders could do a better job in this area. Our employees spend enormous amounts of time away from their loved ones, trying to balance life and putting their children in daycare – so it’s important that employers make their time worthwhile. “That was my AHA moment…I wanted every mom and dad to feel their time away from their family was valued and well spent.” – Melanie Booher

When we lead with respect –we build a solid foundation. Then other positives fall into place (morale, engagement, performance, etc.) creating a growing snowball effect. Thus, we can do more than just survive the chaos of 2020 – we will see our organizations thrive.

Series 5 of 8

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