Apr 3

Culture Building Advice for Leaders in 2021 – Continued (Series 8 of 8)


Tip #5: Be Flexible and Welcome Change

So this is the final tip that needs to be discussed. Before we do so, let’s take a moment to recognize and remember the four tips that were discussed previously.

They are:
Lead with Respect,
Use Fractional Work,
Talk About the Hard Stuff,
Focus on Personal Development.

Tip 5 disrupts the “you have to be onsite to get work done” paradigm. This change is an opportunity to bring about new feelings of excitement, work life balance and renewed engagement with positive implications for the company However, leaders must embrace the change and be flexible.

Baby Boomers hold the majority of CEOs and leadership roles, and the majority of employees are Millennials. This leaves us in a vast generational divide — add the complexity of issues we’ve encountered in 2020 (pandemic, racial upheaval, political distress, mental health challenges, and more!) – and our stress meters are maxed out.

“Most leaders associate change as negative. We have to figure out how to be on the positive edge of that.” – Melanie Booher, MHR Senior Leadership Consultant at RCSN Leaders offers the thoughts that follow.
Many leaders are anxious to return to prior ways – but we can’t go backward. Strong leaders must be able to listen, assess, and analyze the impacts to your business. Make changes where needed and bend but don’t break. Be flexible to some of the changes brought about in 2020 as the new way to do business.

Always Moving Forward

Next time you encounter change, whether it’s caused by the upheaval of society as we know it or a simple request for a flexible workweek — try to approach it as “we can do better together, we can learn from this, let’s not go backward.“

Final thoughts from Tracey / Melanie

Let’s all learn from our mistakes and keep moving forward in a positive fashion. Embrace the positives that are coming out of COVID like work from home flexibility, saved mileage, additional family time and newfound zoom technology knowledge. We must keep “bending and not breaking” – our workplace cultures depend on it!

If you follow these five steps from our series towards becoming a better business leader in 2021 — you are on the right path. Start planning for a better 2022 with RCSN Leaders to help your organization succeed, healthier, and happier business culture.

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