July 10

Culture Building Advice for Leaders in 2021 – Continued (Series 6 of 8)

Developing Your Organization’s Culture Are you a leader looking for ways to motivate your team as they emerge from their home offices and return to their business offices? RCSN’s culture leader, Melanie Booher has five actionable tips for leaders to consider. This month let’s look at Tips 2 and 3. “Many hands make for light.

June 3

Culture Building Advice for Leaders in 2021 (Series 5 of 8)

Are you a business leader looking for a way to get your team culture out of the challenges and shambles of 2020? The C-suite is probably beginning to feel like the hot seat for those who have had to lay off employees and pivot operations amidst the pandemic. How do you get your leadership mojo.

March 18

The ROI of Investing in Culture (Series 3 of 8)

The ROI of Investing in Culture Who is your customer? As leaders our customers are our employees. You can imagine that if your employees are disgruntled, they aren’t going to be taking good care of your customers. “If you don’t feed the employees – they eat the customers.” Perhaps you’ve heard a similar adage, but.

July 21

5 ways to be a Leader Instead of a Manager

“When top CEOs think about the qualities, they admire most in leaders, three words come to mind, ”Responsibility, Accountability, and Decisiveness.” There is a big difference between leadership and management with leadership qualities most admired being Responsibility, Accountability and Decisiveness. We shouldn’t confuse leadership with management. There is a big difference. Here are five lessons on.