April 22

From Dreams to Action – WAKE UP!

So the key to success on your journey through this life, is to have a clear plan. “People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them.” (Anthony Robins) In setting goals and determining outcomes, we make a map of the roads you want to travel on.

March 22

Leadership – It’s Like a Beautiful Cake with Icing on Top

The experiences in your professional or personal life provide valuable lessons learned. Good or bad, these experiences and lessons culminate in the display of you. Like a cake for all to see, the presentation of ‘leader you’ can be like an artfully decorated cake. You’ve seen a cake displayed in such a way that you.

February 20

Lessons in Leadership

I Wanna Hold Your Hand I am honored to have served in positions of executive leadership since 1989, when I became the youngest executive of a major nonprofit organization in my city. Some years later, in serving as speaker or presenter at that organization’s regional and national events, I have often been asked a key.

January 18

Are You a Leader Worth Following?

Are You a Leader Worth Following? Many know the story of the mother and her ring bearer son, who were at the wedding of a beloved family member. (I have no idea if it’s true – but just go with me on this…) As the wedding processional was taking place, it came time for the.