June 3

Understanding Diversity is a Paradoxical Problem (Series 5 of 8)

When faced with a paradox, seemingly self-contradictory statements or propositions, the human mind often struggles. Our minds prefer simple problems and easy solutions. In fact, we often attempt to define problems in ways that allow us to frame them more simply. However, understanding the dynamics of diversity requires us to accept the tension and discomfort.

April 20

Diversity is a Multi-Faceted Spectrum (Series 6 of 8)

When the topic of diversity comes up, what comes to mind, most often, are demographic elements such as; race, gender, and age. These elements are, of course, extremely important and have very significant impact on our lives, both collectively and individually. However, to fully understand diversity, we need to recognize and appreciate a myriad of.

April 19

Simply Respecting Diversity is not Productive (Series 4 of 8)

Assuring the avoidance of intolerant or insensitive behavior is an important aspect of respecting diversity. However, it is not the same as productively engaging diversity. Washing our hands is an important aspect of personal hygiene. It can help us avoid illness, but it does not assure health, let alone fitness. Health and fitness require more.