November 14

Culture Development Equals Business Success (Series 1 of 8)

Workplace culture may be difficult to see and describe but it is the foundation that a company is built upon – and can make or break a business. Why do so many leaders struggle to implement a plan for a positive culture and environment? The Problem and Solution Begins with You Workplace culture is only.

October 10

2021 Culture Challenges: Working from Home & Purposeful Inclusion (Series 2 of 8)

2020 Culture Challenges: Working from Home & Purposeful Inclusion What about the pandemic? How does a leader help evolve a culture when everyone is working from home? Empathy. Ask your employees how they’re doing and demonstrate genuine interest in their well-being. For example, be flexible but keep people accountable via digital or phone communication. According.

September 18

The ROI of Investing in Culture (Series 3 of 8)

The ROI of Investing in Culture Who is your customer? As leaders our customers are our employees. You can imagine that if your employees are disgruntled, they aren’t going to be taking good care of your customers. “If you don’t feed the employees – they eat the customers.” Perhaps you’ve heard a similar adage, but.

August 19

Your Culture Impacts Employees (Series 4 of 8)

Leaders have the ability to impact their employees’ actions and attitudes far beyond work. Providing a welcoming and supportive environment, fostering a positive culture, creates better employees and community members. Happier people are more apt to be positive outside of work as well. Perhaps your employees are helping their neighbors or volunteering or seeing things.