July 10

Culture Building Advice for Leaders in 2021 – Continued (Series 6 of 8)

Developing Your Organization’s Culture Are you a leader looking for ways to motivate your team as they emerge from their home offices and return to their business offices? RCSN’s culture leader, Melanie Booher has five actionable tips for leaders to consider. This month let’s look at Tips 2 and 3. “Many hands make for light.

June 3

Culture Building Advice for Leaders in 2021 (Series 5 of 8)

Are you a business leader looking for a way to get your team culture out of the challenges and shambles of 2020? The C-suite is probably beginning to feel like the hot seat for those who have had to lay off employees and pivot operations amidst the pandemic. How do you get your leadership mojo.

April 19

Your Culture Impacts Employees (Series 4 of 8)

Leaders have the ability to impact their employees’ actions and attitudes far beyond work. Providing a welcoming and supportive environment, fostering a positive culture, creates better employees and community members. Happier people are more apt to be positive outside of work as well. Perhaps your employees are helping their neighbors or volunteering or seeing things.