July 21

Indecision is the THIEF of opportunity

Indecision means, the door is still closed.  It means, the opportunity waits.  Indecision means, what could be is postponed -OR- may never be. Is there a ‘thief’ in your life?  For example, what opportunity is at arms-length, but yet not obtained as a result of indecision? LOCK UP THAT THIEF FOR LIFE!   Ask yourself:.

July 21

Your Life – It’s Up to You!

Your life is what you think it should be.  You ‘Are’ what you ‘Thought’ you should be. If you don’t like who you are … YOU have to change what you THINK you should be.  What you ‘think’ is more important than what you ‘do’.  So, if you want to change, you must work on.

July 16

Transformation – The Inconvenience

People want the convenience of transformation, without the ‘inconvenience’. What we do is, we ‘check out’ because it seems overwhelming. We ‘check out’ because we get afraid, because we start listening to the talk of our own ‘self-doubt’. And we make these teeny tiny decisions … all day long. We don’t even realize it. A.