July 10

Culture Building Advice for Leaders in 2021 – Continued (Series 6 of 8)

Developing Your Organization’s Culture Are you a leader looking for ways to motivate your team as they emerge from their home offices and return to their business offices? RCSN’s culture leader, Melanie Booher has five actionable tips for leaders to consider. This month let’s look at Tips 2 and 3. “Many hands make for light.

March 18

The ROI of Investing in Culture (Series 3 of 8)

The ROI of Investing in Culture Who is your customer? As leaders our customers are our employees. You can imagine that if your employees are disgruntled, they aren’t going to be taking good care of your customers. “If you don’t feed the employees – they eat the customers.” Perhaps you’ve heard a similar adage, but.

February 11

Why Diversity Matters (Series 2 of 8)

Why Diversity Matters Most importantly, if your company shuttering isn’t concerning enough, consider Gayle Brock’s definition of diversity, “Diversity is the presence of differences that makes each person unique and that can be used to differentiate groups of people from one another.  Diversity is an asset – to a business, to a culture, and a.