RCSN Leadership Services – Short Story

RCSN was founded by Paul Wehner in 2003 as a startup executive search firm focused on recruiting mid to senior level leaders for companies in multiple industries. The company grew and was successful in achieving its revenue and gross margin goals.

At the time he founded RCSN, Paul had an interest in expanding the company’s service offerings. He wanted RCSN to become an executive search and leadership consulting firm. To achieve this objective, in April 2013, he invited Donna Chrobot-Mason PhD, Associate Professor, Director of the Center for Organizational Leadership at the University of Cincinnati and co-author of the book, Boundary Spanning Leadership, to join him as the Senior Partner for Leadership Consulting.

Paul and Donna have continued to work together to build RCSN’s Executive Search, Coaching and Leadership Consulting practices between 2013 and 2018. As they did, they realized RCSN needed to continue to broaden its focus on leadership. With this in mind, they rebranded the firm as RCSN Leadership Services. In so doing, they expanded RCSN’s leadership offerings by adding additional Consultants with different leadership services backgrounds in education, manufacturing, financial services, construction, architecture, retail, and other industries.