RCSN. The Strategy for Great Leaders.

Organizations live and die by leadership. Our clients come to us when they need a new leader on their team—or they need to get more from those who are already in place. In fact, our approach has been successful enough that 95% of our clients are repeat customers.

Through our Executive Search process, we find the right people who can inspire, direct, and execute according to your organization’s vision, plan, and the intricacies of your culture. Once those leaders are on board, don’t you want to effectively utilize their talent and capabilities and take your organization further? That’s where Boundary Spanning Leadership Consulting comes in.

We recruit and develop strong leaders better than anyone else because of two key components of our search and leadership strategy.

We’re research-based.

This process is not about surprises. The power of research is that it can eliminate the “maybe.” It reduces risk. That’s why we engage research in every step in our process.

We customize each engagement with a customer-centric model.

Finding and developing leaders has a basis in hard facts. But we’re dealing with people, aren’t we? And no two are the same. Nor any two organizations. To ensure we help you secure the strongest leadership, we position ourselves directly in the middle of your organization’s individual needs. In fact, during our analysis we may help clarify challenges you hadn’t fully understood. Our approach is to first understand your needs, and then to create strategies to effectively address them.

We’re ready.

Great leaders don’t happen by accident. We’re eager to learn about what your business needs and create the strategy to recruit the right leaders or to define the boundaries that are preventing the right results from being delivered. We’re ready to help move you and your leadership forward.