RCSN is the Strategy for Great Leaders

Our Focus:

You, your organization and its leadership needs. Those needs fall into one of three leadership buckets.

Bucket 1 – Executive Search and Recruiting

Bucket 2 – Coaching – one on one or work group or team

Bucket 3 – Leadership Consulting – focused on improving business performance

Do any of these scenarios play out in your organization?

Scenario 1:

A key leader leaves your organization unexpectedly. What do you immediately need? A replacement in the shortest time possible who possesses the right industry experience and people leadership skills.

To whom do you turn? RCSN Executive Search – Why?

  • Candidate Research Reports prepared in 5 business days.
  • Candidates presented in 25 business days.
  • Assessments and video interviews utilized as screening tools.
  • Two coaching sessions for your new hire.
  • Search guaranteed for six months or one year.

Scenario 2:

There are many situations where coaches are needed. So many, in fact, it is difficult to identify just one or two. Coaches are needed to unravel challenges that arise between people when they are working together. The scenarios can involve one on one situations, team challenges, new leaders building organizational relationships, or existing leaders expanding their roles and the organizations they lead.

To whom do you turn? RCSN Coaching Services – Why?

  • Client selected Leadership Coach who will address your organizations need.
  • Utilize different coaching solutions to address organizational and people challenges.
  • Rely on solutions offered by Dr. Donna Chrobot Mason, University of Cincinnati, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology.
  • Methodologies offered by the Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, NC.

Scenario 3:

The organization’s financial performance has taken a step backward. Different steps have been taken to address the need to improve performance. It becomes clear that there are too many internal and external factors that are impeding progress toward a solution.

To whom do you turn? RCSN Leadership Consulting – Why?

Our Boundary Spanning Leadership platform will permit you to:

  • Learn about boundaries within and outside organizations.
  • Identify the boundaries that are barriers to performance in your organization.
  • Create a plan to manage or overcome the boundaries that are interfering with success.
  • Improve organization performance through collaboration, problem-solving and innovation.