5 ways to be a Leader Instead of a Manager

“When top CEOs think about the qualities, they admire most in leaders, three words come to mind, ”Responsibility, Accountability, and Decisiveness.”leader

There is a big difference between leadership and management with leadership qualities most admired being Responsibility, Accountability and Decisiveness.

We shouldn’t confuse leadership with management. There is a big difference. Here are five lessons on leading, not managing, that have been learned from the best leaders.

1. Listen more and speak less

Being a good listener and hearing the thoughts and inspirations of others can help you, even when you’re the one in charge. “People feel good when they feel heard.”

2. Consensus is good but … direction and decisiveness create action

Leading by consensus will rally a team around a common goal, but that alone is not enough to be a leader and create change. You must guide consensus.

3. Anyone can identify a problem. A leader is part of the solution

Leaders don’t sit around and complain about what’s wrong. They drive solutions. They figure out how to make it right.

4. Apologize publicly and gloat privately

True leaders don’t just praise publicly and criticize privately. They are also humble enough to apologize publicly and gloat privately. You don’t see leaders bragging about their success. They talk about their team and their team’s contributions. And if they feel really good about themselves, they do it at home or with a close friend but not publicly. A leader will apologize and take accountability for their actions.

5. Give the hard message

It’s very easy to praise somebody. It’s easy to give somebody a raise or a good review. It can be much harder, however, to have the tough conversations. Not everyone does an outstanding job all the time. You’ve got to tell them, and then you’ve got to move on.

The takeaway:

Strive to be a leader and not just a manager. Learn to inspire and motivate as opposed to dictate. At the end of the day, good leaders often don’t do the work but they make you feel like they did.

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