Mar 18

Diversity and Inclusion: Steps to Start Improving Today (Series 3 of 8)


If you’re not addressing diversity and inclusion within your company culture, the problems will fester and surface eventually.

Next, Educate Yourself

Identify and learn what systemic racism is. Then, ask yourself and your leaders how you may have been unknowingly contributing to it. Perhaps it goes back to childhood, how someone was raised, their social upbringing, or who they went to school with.

When you educate yourself, then you can develop a plan and put together a team. Gayle Brock likes to call them “Champions”.

Link Arms with Others

Recognize different types of people that you are most unfamiliar with and conduct some outreach. For example, you may think to yourself, “I don’t know much about the Latino culture”, so jump in, join the Latino Chamber of Commerce.

Find people who are working towards bringing awareness to the Latino community, in this example, get connected with those groups and individuals actively promoting Latino culture.

From grassroots agencies and cafes to City government such as joining the Human Relations Committee on your City Council, there are opportunities everywhere to broaden your perspective.

In this way, you will rub elbows with different people and naturally educate yourself by interacting with people outside your routine social circles.

Series 3 of 8