March 18

The ROI of Investing in Culture (Series 3 of 8)

There have been many studies that state over 70% of employees are looking for a new job at any given time. That’s a lot of people in the world that are unhappy with where they are and looking to leave their current position. Imagine if that same amount of energy was invested in their current.

January 14

Culture Development Equals Business Success (Series 1 of 8)

Workplace culture may be difficult to see and describe but it is the foundation that a company is built upon – and can make or break a business. Why do so many leaders struggle to implement a plan for a positive culture and environment? The Problem and Solution Begins with You Workplace culture is only.

July 16

Culture: A Required Shift in the Mindset of Leadership

Ask any business owner, and people costs are the top of their financial concerns and often the largest business expense. Smart business leaders pay attention to financials – so naturally people costs and proactive people/culture planning should be top of mind. Unfortunately, research does not support this idea. Leaders plan more on financials, less on.