March 18

The ROI of Investing in Culture (Series 3 of 8)

There have been many studies that state over 70% of employees are looking for a new job at any given time. That’s a lot of people in the world that are unhappy with where they are and looking to leave their current position. Imagine if that same amount of energy was invested in their current.

March 18

Diversity and Inclusion: Steps to Start Improving Today (Series 3 of 8)

If you’re not addressing diversity and inclusion within your company culture, the problems will fester and surface eventually. Next, Educate Yourself Identify and learn what systemic racism is. Then, ask yourself and your leaders how you may have been unknowingly contributing to it. Perhaps it goes back to childhood, how someone was raised, their social.

February 11

Why Diversity Matters (Series 2 of 8)

What’s the Bottom Line? According to Gayle, one of the greatest benefits of embracing and enacting a plan for diversity is how it broadens your business. • You’ll be reaching out to people in other businesses that you wouldn’t have before, educating yourself on the benefits of diversity in your business. • Your company will.